It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood! … It’s always a beautiful day when those pieces hitting.

Fresh off the “Thats Harr” run, Jaquae continues to suck us into his fun animated carefree world with his new single ” My Pieces Hittin”; Directed by LES Visuals,¬†which to say the least has been spreading across country like wild fire!

This one goes out to .. people with GREAT credit ..who decided they can have anything their heart desires, all in single swipe. Glorifying a lifestyle? Maybe.. But imagine a world where money and the challenges that come with making it don’t exist! In true Jaquae fashion, Jaquae took this concept, created and hypothetically indulged in this not so uncommon lifestyle in his new Video!

You’ve seen the exclusive piece of plastic with his face on it , you’ve seen the hats, and shirts with the credit card logos all over them.. And if you haven’t, brace yourself because you will. This catchy record is going straight to the top!

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